NobbyNobody's partial self portrait in biroThe Artist
Phillip Blackman is a British illustrator sometimes working under the pseudonym NobbyNobody.
Phillip’s primary medium is ball-point pens, or biros as they’re known in the UK, but he also works digitally and with paint, pastels, pencil and sculpture.
Phillip is available for illustration and design commissions, projects and other work.

You can contact me via the email form on this page Please include an idea of your budget and an outline of your requirements.

For a fair rate I will draw for you in my unique style anything from a spot illustration to a full book. Have a look through the gallery to get a feel for what I do and please contact me to discuss your needs.
What I won’t do is draw for free, or on the promise of payment if your project is successful, or ‘because it will get me exposure.’ I will however consider charitable causes.

When people ask me to draw for money, I say yes. Here are some highlights:

The Fugly Duckling and the Moose GooseSeptember 2012 –
Comic artist and author Ray Friesen commissioned a full colour illustration of “The Fugly Duckling and the Moose Goose” for his new book “Fairy Tales I Just Made Up” which should be available sometime in December 2012

Zombie SantaSeptember 2012 –Zombie Santa
A Magazine called
Exit Zero contacted me for permission to use my Zombie Santa illustration in the upcoming Christmas edition of their publication.
In addition they commissioned me to draw a second zombie Santa illustration to be used in the same issue.

Jasper Fforde CommissionMay 2012 –
Another commission from the author Jasper Fforde and again it’s a mock advertisement that ties in with his novel, “The Woman who Died a Lot.” This time it’s for a company mentioned in the book called Smote Solutions who offer protection to industry and organisations against wrathful deities.

Jasper Fforde CommissionMay 2012 –
Jasper Fforde again commissioned me to illustrate a mock Welsh tourist poster for his book, “The Woman who Died a Lot.” Many of Fforde’s books have similar mock advertisements in them for services and goods mentioned in the prose. It adds to the charm.

April 2012 –
Jasper Fforde CommissionPopular author Jasper Fforde commissioned me to illustrate a quote from his book, “The Woman who Died a Lot” with the purpose of printing it as postcards to give away as limited edition collectables to promote the publication of the book.
The illustration is called Sunlight into Milk

March 2009 –

Odd-Fish Book One: Inexplicable ZebrasOdd-Fish Book One: Inexplicable Zebras was published and is available direct from Lulu or from Amazon. It features all Odd-Fish strips up to New Year 2009 plus some deleted scenes and new strips.

December 2007 –

The Kids Book Project in aid of the Make a Wish FoundationThree illustrations were commissioned to form the introductory page and two pages of credits of the collaborative charity book, The Kid’s Book Project. Created by a chap called Mike Rouse-Deane in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation, it features artwork from more than 50 artists from all over the globe. Including yours truly.

B3ta Bumper Book of Sick JokesNovember 2006 –

Two illustrations appeared in the commercially published book; The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes. BE WARNED! The two drawings in question are not for the faint-hearted: Elephants & Sheep and Dead Babies.

September 2006 –

A Russian magazine called Khooligan interviewed me for an article on my work and specifically the ANThology series. The magazine is a Russian language Men’s Interest publication along the lines of something like GQ and my editorial covers four complete pages!

August 2006 –

My first compilation of Biro-art drawings was published by print-on-demand publisher, Lulu. Entitled NobbyNobody’s ANThology it features all the drawings of ants from the ANThology gallery and a few extras not previously seen.

June 2006 –

An illustration of a biro drawn in biro was commissioned for the commercially published ecological magazine WorldWatch as the centrepiece to an article about the history and life-cycle (and environmental and social impact) of a typical disposable ballpoint pen.

February 2006 –

The BBC, or to be more specific, BBC Radio Suffolk interviewed me on air about Biro-art, doodling and my inspirations as an artist. You can listen to it here.

January 2006 –The House of Infinite Zen

A media label, The House of Infinite Zen commissioned me to design a new logo for them. This is the design I created based on Escher’s original Mobius artwork. It has since been used on multiple HoIZ products including a commercially available vinyl album and a book.