Frog Vs Ants

November 26, 2007

Frog Vs Ants26th November 2007
This is the second of two illustrations I did for the credits page of a book called The Kids Book Project. A group of more than fifty illustrators were invited to do a page each of a sequential art story to be made into a book and sold to raise funds for the charity The Make a Wish Foundation which grants wishes for disadvantaged children.
The twist was that each artist could only see the page immediately preceding theirs and no others until the book was finished. This led to some very strange plot twists as each artist interpreted the page before them and added their own unique style and personality to the story.
I came to the project too late to add anything to the main story but was instead invited to draw three pages for the book’s introduction and credits. I wasn’t told anything about the story or even what it was about so I had completely free reign.
I honestly can’t remember why I came up with the frog and ant thing, but the purpose of the leaves was as somewhere to write the credits for the contributors.

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