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Drugged Slug

November 15, 2012

Drugged SlugSeptember 2006. Updated & coloured 15th November 2012
This down-and out slug has stooped to mainlining sodium chloride. I fear it’s not long for this world.
Remember kids, just say no!

All Guinea-pigs go to Heaven

November 12, 2012

All Guinea-pigs go to Heaven12th November 2012

A personal commission for someone who recently lost their beloved pet. Aww.


August 9, 2012

9th August 2012
A hybrid between bats and dolphins, the batolphin is a majestic sight as it part swims, part flaps its way across the ocean in search of flying fish.

Raining cat

July 19, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs
19th July 2012
Drawn for a collaborative effort with other illustrators and artists, this is a riff on the phrase ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’
I drew a cat, others drew dogs and more cats.

Sunlight into Milk

April 16, 2012

Jasper Fforde Sunlight into Milk
16th April 2012
This illustration is for one of several limited-edition collectible postcards given away free with Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novel, ‘The Woman who died a lot
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The brief for this commission was based on a quote from the new novel and represents an alternative to the usual process of turning sunlight into milk. (sunlight->grass->cow->milk) but still using all four factors.