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Zombie Santa II

September 15, 2012

Zombie Santa
15th September 2012
Zombie Santa Christmas cards by Phillip BlackmanA second go at drawing a Zombie Santa. (The first one is here).
This was a commission for a magazine called Exit Zero who are running a Christmas horror story in their Christmas edition and needed illustrations for it.

Zombie Santa is also available as a Christmas card from here.

Winged Spidelephant

July 31, 2012

Winged Spidelephant
31st July 2012
The Winged Spidelephant is based on a comment made by a denizen of Twitter who said she’d just seen:

a freaky-ass bug, looked like a cross between an elephant and a spider. With wings

So I drew it.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Gone for Gold

July 29, 2012

Why Cybermen should not go for gold
29th July 2012
Inspired by the 2012 Olympics.
For those of you who aren’t versed in Doctor Who lore, Cybermen (The dead one in the middle) have a weakness to gold. It’s their Achilles heel and exposure to it kills them.
The Dalek on the left should be recognisable to pretty much everyone even if you don’t ‘do’ Doctor Who.
The one on the right is a little more obscure. It’s a character called Alpha Centauri from the 1970s Doctor Who stories; “The Curse of Peladon” and “The Monster of Peladon” and one of my all-time favourite Doctor Who creatures.
The bottom half of Alpha Centauri is my own extrapolation as you never really see it clearly in the original series and the design seems a little vague even in clear photos.

The Dalek image is copyright to the estate of the late, great Terry Nation & the BBC and the other two belong to the BBC. Please don’t sue me!


January 24, 2012

24th Jan 2012
One of a series of ant-related pun drawings called NobbyNobody’s ANThology.


August 13, 2007


I have a recurring nightmare where this creature creeps up on me from the darkness.
The shriek it emits paralyses me and I cannot move as it slowly inches its way closer and closer…