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Cheeses in a Manger

October 21, 2012

Cheeses in a Manger
October 2007. Remastered & coloured 21st October 2012
A Christmas card design, originally drawn in 2007 but remastered and coloured for 2012.
This card is available to buy singly or in packs of 10 or 20 from here.

Tooo-wet! Toooo-mow!

July 17, 2012

Owl too wet too mow
17th July 2012
It’s been a really really wet summer and my lawn is soggy and up to my knees.
Like this owl’s, my lawn is constantly too wet to mow.

Love Heart

October 15, 2007

Love Heart15th October 2007
The idea behind this was as a play on the word ‘Love’ as used in Tennis to mean a score of zero. This heart is clearly terrible at the game and so has scored ‘Love’ … hence ‘Love Heart.’ Yes I know it’s tenuous but hey, I have to get ideas where I can!


September 24, 2007

Polly-unsaturated24th September 2007
Oh the pun, the terrible, terrible pun. It burns so!
From the dusty, cobweb-festooned corners of my psyche.

Death and Taxis

July 23, 2007

Death and Taxis

Benjamin Franklin, the suicidal kite flyer and all-round American clever bloke once said, “Nothing in this world is certain but Death and Taxis”
… or something like that.