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All Guinea-pigs go to Heaven

November 12, 2012

All Guinea-pigs go to Heaven12th November 2012

A personal commission for someone who recently lost their beloved pet. Aww.

From Heaven to Hell

July 7, 2004

From Heaven to Hell

The drawing that started it all.
From Heaven to Hell caused a internet minor storm when I first posted it on the website in 2004. In the next couple of months I sold several hundred prints and got over a thousand emails about it.
The original is just under ten feet high and eight inches wide, it took me around three weeks in spare time.

Looking back on it now, seven years later, the style seems very loose and messy. There are smudges and pencil marks, load of mistakes and it all seems a lot less neat compared to my newer work.
At some point soon I intend to revisit the idea and redraw it from scratch in my current style. I’m quite looking forward to the challenge.